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Summerland Design Committee

Summerland has adopted unique guidelines for the exteriors of buildings and for signage in our downtown core. This Summerlandï theme was adopted as part of our Official Community Plan and is a way of preserving our unique, vibrant downtown.

Any person who is building a new building or renovating the exterior of an existing building in the downtown area must have the design of the building reviewed by the Summerland Design Committee. If you propose to display a sign you must also have your design reviewed. This committee meets on an as-needed basis. If you have a building or signage that is proposed for the downtown area, contact the Development Services Department for information on the design guidelines or to have your application reviewed by the committee, when required.

Downtown Design Guideline Review Committee

In late 2009, Council directed staff to conduct a review of Summerlandï's Downtown Development Permit Area design guidelines (Tudor Theme). These guidelines were initially developed in the mid 1980's and have been in place ever since. Council recently awarded a contract to Robert Mackenzie Architect and appointed a 9 member steering committee to oversee this review.

The intent of the review is not to remove the guidelines but rather to refine the guidelines to ensure they reflect Summerland's history, high quality construction and timeless architectural character that will take Summerland forward. Once the new guidelines are adopted, any downtown property owners that build new buildings or renovate the exterior of their building would required to comply with these new guidelines.