Your City Hall
Jan 31, 2018

Curbside Recycling Feedback

Between July & October 2017, Summerland residents reduced the amount of contamination in the curbside recycling by one-third! Taking the time to properly sort meant that items that aren’t part of the RecycleBC program such as clothes, chip bags, toys, napkins, etc. dropped by 33.8% and the amount of depot-only (soft plastics, styrofoam, glass) and unsortable (tied in grocery bags, or a metal can inside a plastic tub) materials being placed in the curbside collection dropped by 31.3%. Great work to everyone who made the extra effort to Recycle Right!


This drop represents excellent progress, but there’s still a long way to go. Summerland’s contamination rate is much higher than it should be, making us subject to fines from RecycleBC. To help us build on the momentum achieved in 2017, we’ve launched a survey to gather your feedback regarding curbside recycling. And, as a thank-you for participating, everyone who completes a survey is eligible to be entered to win great prizes from local vendors!


Click Here to access the survey and be entered to win!