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OCP Amendment and Rezoning of 13610 Banks Crescent

Application Summary

The applicant wishes to construct a 380 unit seniors housing complex with a mixture of market housing, independent, and assisted living units.  

The application is to amend the Official Community Plan to change the future land use designation from Agriculture to High Density Residential (HDR).  The application is also to amend the Zoning Bylaw to change the zone from A1 - Agricultural Small Acreage Zone to CD8 - Comprehensive Development Zone 8.

The current zoning amendment is to create a new Comprehensive Development Zone to permit a seniors housing project comprised of 5 separate buildings.  The buildings are intended to include approximately 230 units of market housing for seniors, 100 units of independent living and 50 units of assisted living.  The concept is to allow seniors to age in place and move to different sections of the development as they age and require greater levels of care.

The development is predominantly six storeys in height over three levels of underground parking.  The living space will be constructed of wood frame over the concrete parking structure.  The proposal includes amenities for residents, staff and visitors.

Schedule of Process

Bylaw Introduction and First Reading: November 14, 2016 (view agenda and minutes)

Public Open House (hosted by applicant):  4:00pm - 7:30pm December 6th 2016 at the I.O.O.F Hall 9536 Main Street. (Handout from Dec 6th open house)

Public Open House: 3:30pm - 7:30pm Monday, January 16th 2017 at the Arena Banquet Room (2nd floor 8820 Jubilee Road).  Residents can drop in anytime between 3:30pm-7:30pm to meet with staff as well as review information boards and application documents. 

Public Information Presentation and Q&A Session: 7:00pm Thursday, January 19th 2017 at Centre Stage Theater (9518 Main Street).  This will be a moderated session with staff and the Mayor on stage to provide information and answer questions to the public. 

Second Reading: January 23rd 2017

Public Hearing:
To be Determined 

Staff Presentation from November 14th Council Meeting:


Applicant's Presentation at November 14th Council Meeting:

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Correspondence and Questions

The District thanks everyone who has taken the time to send in questions, comments and opinions regarding the Banks Crescent Development.   All input is appreciated and is helpful for Council to ensure that all potential impacts of the proposed development are being considered.

 As the District moves through the process of consideration of the application, many of the questions will be raised and addressed in staff reports to council.  It is not feasible for staff or council to provide an answer to each question brought forward by individuals on a one by one basis – these topics will be discussed/debated by all of council together in public council meetings so everyone can hear it. If a councillor does not feel that a particular issue has been addressed, they can bring the question forward for further discussion.

Correspondence received from the public will be circulated to Council, posted on our website and will form part of the official record relating to this application.

 When correspondence is received from other agencies and government bodies specific to the application, that correspondence will be included on the first council meeting agenda that is practical - either as an information item or together with a report. The District is committed to including all such correspondence in the agenda as soon as possible so that it becomes public to all. There may be occasion when correspondence is not included on the council meeting agenda immediately after receipt but every attempt will be made to include it on the following agenda.

 Questions regarding the process or legislative questions will be answered as soon as possible.